About Achei Tmimim

Learning and Warmth at Yeshiva Achei Temimim

Achei Tmimim is a warm home for bochurim looking to grow in their yiddishkeit, chassidishkeit, and learning. The yeshiva’s environment is structured to promote personal growth, and hosts a dynamic and personable staff.

Yeshivas Chovevei Torah has always been one of Crown Heights’ best kept secrets. Over decades, the Yeshiva has been privileged to host an astonishing number of celebrated Mashpim, Maggidei Shiurim, and Roshei Yeshiva. It has done this while managing to stay small enough to provide each Bochur with personal attention and guidance.

The staff of the Yeshiva’s Achei Tmimim program continue in that grand tradition. Now open for registration, Achei Tmimim is providing a glimpse at the treasures the Yeshiva offers.

Sitting at the program’s helm is Rabbi Levi Tzukernik. Even as a bochur, Levi stood out as a remarkable force, motivating his fellow students with a rare blend of passion and humility. Once he began teaching at Chovevei Torah, his charismatic influence began to draw dozens of Bochurim towards him. When Rabbi Mendy Blau looked to launch Achei Tmimim three years ago, Levi was the obvious choice to run the program.

Now, in the program’s fourth year, Rabbi Tzukernik’s influence continues to astound. His unique warmth, humor, and authenticity has proved to inspire even the most disaffected student, while hundreds of alumni still look to him for support and guidance.

The smicha program is led by renowned author and educator, Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman. Rabbi Kesselman has written an innovative Smicha guide in English, and the Bochurim get the privilege of being taught from this guide by the author himself. Effortlessly navigating the most complex Halachic issues, Rabbi Kesselman has had a remarkable success rate. The esteemed Rabbonim that test the boys, including Rabbi Boruch Herz and Rabbi Yeruslavsky, consistently marvel at the clear grasp of Halacha that the Bochurim have attained.

Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman is able to ensure that every bochur receives individual attention and focus with the help of Rabbi Shmuel Kesselman and Rabbi Peretz Kaplan. Rabbi Kaplan offers smicha class as well, while Rabbi Shmuel Kesselman has been brought on to help acquaint both students who are not yet experienced in the study of Shulchan Aruch and those for whom its study is particularly challenging by teaching the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch in a more accessible way.

Gemara is headed by Rabbi Dovid Losh. Rabbi Losh is a dynamic and authentic educator who has taught for several years in JETS Yeshiva in Los Angeles and Yeshivas Lev Temimim in Monsey. Rabbi Losh is known not only for his tremendous scholarship, but for his directness and warmth. He takes the time to speak with boys privately and in larger groups at Farbreingens, a personal connection which contributes to the boys’ scholastic success.

Rabbi Losh is joined by Rabbi Yaakov Weiss and Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Geisinsky. Rabbi Weiss, a young educator that is rapidly making a name for himself through his dedication and erudition, teaches Gemara Li’Iyun to Shiur Aleph. Rabbi Geisinsky is a lifelong student of Jewish history and he offers a well researched and detailed elective course in Jewish history.

Chassidus is led by the famed Mashpia, Rabbi Yossi Paltiel. Rabbi Paltiel has been educating around the world for the past 30 years, and has thousands of students that tune into his shiurim on his website, insidechassidus.org. The Bochurim not only hear shiurim from him, but also enjoy private question and answer sessions, as well as the opportunity to speak to him one and one to receive guidance.

This year, the Yeshiva has added Rabbi Yehuda Fenton to the Chassidus staff as Mashpia for Shiur Aleph. Rabbi Fenton authored a comprehensive translation and commentary of Hemshech Samech Vov that is currently pending publication at Kehos. He also served as head of the Lamplighters Mesivta, designing a curriculum that integrated technology and progressive education with traditional Yeshiva education. Now, he has married these two into an innovative Samech Vov curriculum that guides Bochurim at Achei Tmimim through the complex ideas of the Hemshech with clarity.

The Yeshiva also has a dedicated team of six shluchim that work together with Hanhola. In line with Yeshivas unique approach to individualization, the shluchim meet with hanhola every two weeks and discuss every bochur enrolled in Yeshiva in order to ensure that each boy’s needs are met. The shluchim run year round Mivtzah’s and give shiurim several nights a week, as well learning with boys throughout the day.